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evote two way radio
Network Two Way Radio , EVOTE V1
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Evote V2

Evote V2
Main Function

01. Communication all over the country, infinite distance
02. Single call, group call, freely build network
03. Answer the call
04. Support all business of cluster radio
05. Automatic update of group, later connection
06. PTT communication apply and occupy
07. Voice prompt the users when switching group


Use Mehtod

1 Install battery and USIM card , please insert valid SIM card before using the radio.

2 Power On: When the radio is off, rotate the volume knob clockly to the bottom, the radio will be powered on. During powering on the radio, there is music prompt , After powering on, the blue LED brights, and then flahes. When connecting successfully, there is voice prompt:"Welcome to use network radio."

3 Adjust Volume:Rotate the volume knob to adjust the suitable volume.

4 Select group(group call):Shortly press UP key to select group, there is voice prompt. And press UP/DOWN key again to enter the last or next group.And press UP key to quit the group. If press PTT key again in 6 seconds(blue light flashes), the call starts(red LED flashes).

5 Select group member(single call):Hold on UP key for one second and then release, enter to select the current group memeber. There is voice prompt, and press UP/DOWN key to seek some member.Press UP key again to exist the member selection. If press PTT key in 6 seconds(blue LED flashes), press PTT again to enter single call status. And press PTT again to communicate with all members at the same group.

6 Answer the telephone call:If the user advise the families about SIM card number, the families can dial the number, the user can answer the call via pressing PTT key. Press PTT to talk to the families. Press UP key to end the call. The users can press UP key to reject the call when hearing the ring. Note: When answering the telephone call, the radio is off the communication, and then reload the network automatically when the call is ended.

Technical Paratemers


Battery Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 3000mAh
Operation Band CDMA2000 , 800M
Size 85x50x35 MM
Weight 180 g
Operation Temperature -10℃~+55℃
Store Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Transmission Power 23dBm ~ 30dBm @-104dBm
Receive Sensitivity -106dBm
Audio Output Power 2W @ 10% Lose


Standard Accessories

1 x Evote V1
1 x High gain antenna
1 x Li-ion Bettery
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Hand Strap
1 x User Manual (English)



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