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Professional Walkie Talkie Loud Speaker
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ET - 598
Evote Loud Speaker
User  Manual

1  Starting up , long press power key , then a string of melodious beeps is heard and the current channel is broadcast

2  Shutdown , turn it on and press again power key , after hearing a string of melodious beeps , the radio is turned off

3  Press this machine VOL+ key / VOL- key adjust the volume you want , when you adjust the volume , there will be a cue "Tick"
when you use VOL+ key raise the volume . "Toggle" that means it is up to maximum volume , you use VOL- key lower the volume
when you hear "beep" , you are down to the minimum tone , Note : the sound of this machine is divided into 10 levels , and the
volume of 1-10 gradually increases

4  channel selection , press channel add CH UP key / channel reduction CH DOWN key select the channel you want to use , if
you turn on the local voice number function , this machine will broadcast the current channel with voice . Note : short press to
add / subtract a channel , the operation button is a circular incress / decrease channel number , this is the opeartion CH UP
key 1--16->1-16...... ; when operation CH DOWN key 16--1->16--1......

5 This machine has a voice signal function , so that you can quickly know the current channel where the intercom you use
when operating at night or in the dark , this function can be achieved through computer programming software writing

Standard  Accessories

Hand Microphone
Desktop Charger
User Manual (English)



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