Body Worn Camera ET-Z60
1 Getting Started

Press and hold the Power button (located on the bottom of the right side of the device ) for about 3 seconds, the unit will vibrate with sound and a green indicator on top of the unit will turn on. The camera and LCD display will turn on and enter into standby mode. The video preview mode is displayed on the LCD. the LCD screen will be off automatically in about 1minute if there is no operation on the device.

3 Tacking Photo

A. To take a photo, press the Camera button located on the top of the right side of the device. B. To take photos at night or in the dark, press Up/Night Vision button once. Photos taken in night-vision will be black and white.

4 Audio Only Recording

To record only audio, press the Audio Recording button located below the video Recording button. A microphone icon will appear on the LCD display. Press the Audio Recording button again to stop recording. The audio recording will be saved as an audio file.

7 Laser light And Red-Blue Alarm Lights

In the power-on state, press the "Power" button to turn on/off the laser light. The camera generates a laser beam to locate the shooting direction. Please do not point at the eye.
In the power-on state, click the "down" button to turn on the alarm lights, the machine turn on red-blue lights, click the "down" button again, the red-blue lights flash with alarm sound, click the "down" button again to shut down this.

8 Connected to Computer

Connected to computer directly, without having to install any drivers, direct use the USB cable to connect with the computer.

  2 Video Recording

A. To record a video, press the video Recording button located on the top of the left side of the device. The red dot symbol on the LCD display will indicate the camera is currently recording.
B. To mark the video, short press OK button in video recording mode, the lock icon will be shown on LCD.
C. To record videos at night or in the dark, press Up/Night Vision button once. Videos recorded in night-vision will be black and white.
D. Press the Video Recording button again to stop recording. The red dot symbol will disappear. The camera will stop recording and save the video.

5 Charging

Charge the camera using the included USB cable and wall charger via any power outlet.

6 Video, Photo, And Audio Playback

A. Long press the Playback/OK Function button to enter into the Playback Menu.
B Use the Up/Down button to select the desired icon, and then press the OK button to display all saved recording files of that type.
C. Select the file to view by using the Up/Down buttons. Press the OK button on the desired file to view in full screen.
D. To return to the Playback Menu, long press the OK button.
E. To return to the preview display, press the Menu/Return button.
Tip: While viewing video, press the Up button to rewind and the Down button to fast forward, both at 2X to 64X speed.


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