Window Two Way Intercom ET-W66
ET-W66 Window two-way intercom is applicable to the electronic intercom system for voice communication in closed business windows or noisy places. It adopts advanced voice processing chip and unique acoustic design, and can meet high standards in sound quality, volume, anti-interference, anti-noise and other performance. Products are widely used in banks, hospitals, stations, securities and other service windows
Technical  Parameter
Working Voltage 12VDC
Operating Current 200mA
Output Power 2W+3W
Microphone Sensitivity 45dB±2dB
Undistorted Frequency 10Hz ~ 15KHz
Size 138(L) x 98(W) x 45(H) MM
Product  Features
1  Dual channel automatic control, automatic conversion
2  The professional box structure design perfectly eliminates the sound resonance and makes the sound effect pure and natural
3  It has a wide dynamic working range and can effectively adapt to various working environments
4  Background noise suppression circuit, the machine has no noise in static state
5  Linear volume control without noise
6  Automatic bidirectional recording conversion
Packing  List
ET-W66 + 1 , External Speaker + 1 , Power Supply Adaptor + 1 , Positioning Piece + 4
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