Solar Panel , All Band Radio ET-F10

This is a portable all-band radio for disaster prevention and emergency. It is an emergency product that can be prepared at home and carried when playing outdoors.

The product has the following specific features: Support one-click "emergency alert" for help. Support various emergency measures such as ”solar charging", "hand charging", "flashlight lighting" and "charging mobile phone". Support several types of radio reception (FM, AM and SW). The product is in high sensitivity and equipped with a five-section telescopic antenna that can rotate in 360 degrees.

Radio search mode supports: fine adjustment of minimum step value, automatic radio search, and automatic scanning and searching for stored radio stations. The memory space is large and can store 120 radio stations (each of FM, AM, SW1 and SW2 can store 30 radio stations in each band).

The radio mode of the product supports the functions of shutdown memory and battery memory replacement. The product supports automatic shutdown in 90/80/70/60/50/40/30/20/ 10 minutes.

The product supports the functions of setting time display and setting alarm clock. The product is equipped with φ40MM speaker, which makes the sound loud and clear.


Support earphone listening. After inserting earplugs, please adjust the sound to a moderate level, and the radio will enter a state of not disturbing others. The LCD liquid-crystal display can show time, audio receiving point, battery symbol, volume and band receiving mode, giving users a clear indication.

The product is equipped with a LCD display backlight, which is convenient to use in the dark. This product uses a large capacity 18650 lithium battery (2000MAH 3.7V), which has a long battery life and can be replaced. This helps to extend the service life of the product.

This multi-functional humanized radio is expected to bring you unlimited fun to receive radio waves, and help more people as well. Please read this manual before use, and keep it properly for future reference.

The standard accessories of the radio: USB charging cable *1, manual * 1, outdoor buckle *1, wrist rope *1, 2000MAH 1 8650 lithium battery *1


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