Wireless Call System ET-E81
ET-E81 Operating  Instructions
First of all, open the package box and insert 5V6A power supply into the power supply hole of the transmitter. install an antenna into a corresponding hole. then insert each receiver into the charging slot of the transmitter. generally the charging time is 5-10 minutes. then match the code. corresponding numbers have been set by default when the product leaves the factory
Code  Match
Turn on the power of the receiver. short press set one the back of receiver to enter a code record state, and match the codes by pressing a corresponding numeric key on the transmitter
Technical  Parameter
Transmitter Receiver
Dimension 200 x 160 x 33 MM Dimension 80 x 13 MM
Weight 426 G Weight 35 G
Shell Material ABS Shell Material PC
Transmitting Power 110mW Receiving Frequency 433MHz
Standby Power Consumption 90mW Receiving Sensitivity -114dB
Maximum Power 27W Battery Capactiy 1500mAh , Li-ion
Power Supply 5V x 6A Distance Environment 200 M
Charging Slots 16 Alert Mode Vibration + Buzzer + LED Flashing


Receiver  Key  Functions ET-E81
(1)  Long press the side key for 3 seconds to turn on/off, short press reset to return to a standby state
(2)  Short press set to enter a code record state, long press 5 seconds to clear the code
(3)  Press mode to switch between alert modes, three modes are avaiable buzzer / vibration / vibration+buzzer
Transmitter  Keypad
The keypad comprises 999 codes made up of the digits 0-9, select the number you want to call (1-999) by pressing the digits 0-9 on the keypad, and then press call to call, if the number is wrongly selected, you can press clear to reselect another one, you can also press the + and - keys on the keypad to select the number you want to call.


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